Membership Agreement


1. General Terms

  1. By requesting artist account on Retouch'd website ("Retouch'd", "Website") you ("You", "Artist", "Member") agree to be bound by this membership agreement ("Agreement").
  2. Member will get access to member area, order queue and possibility to create own private services.
  3. Member will be granted the permission to execute customer orders and get share from income generated from these orders.
  4. Member undertakes to ensure adequate, responsive and conscientious attitude to his duties and commitments according to internal administration rules and established workflow. 

2. Working With Orders

  1. With the current membership each member will be granted access to order queue and will have permission to assign public assignable orders to himself.
  2. Member will have exclusive rights to work with the order as long as it is assigned to him.
  3. Member will have rights to work with shared orders.
  4. Member will receive share from all purchased result packages he uploaded.
  5. Member will have exclusive rights to all orders created for his private services as long as he is this service owner.
  6. Member responsibility is to ensure reasonably fast and qualitative service for all orders he takes or assigns to himself.
  7. Member responsibility is to control amount of orders he takes or assigns to himself in order to ensure reasonable response time.
  8. Recommended reasonable response time is not more that 2 days for each order.
  9. Website administration keeps the right to reassign any order, including private service orders, if member fails to deliver the service in reasonable time or quality.
  10. Member responsibility is to ensure legitimacy and copyright compliance of the materials used during order execution except materials provided by customer or website administration.

3. Creating Private Services

  1. Member has rights to create his own private services.
  2. Orders for these private services will be exclusively assigned to member owner of the service except situations described in chapter 2.9 of this agreement.
  3. Website administration keeps the right to stop, pause and rearrange private services.
  4. Price of the private service is set based on internal agreement between member and website administration.
  5. Member responsibility is to ensure legitimacy and copyright compliance of the private service he creates including any materials used in design or order execution workflow.

4. Payment And Shares

  1. Website administration offers 60% share of all income generated by the member.
  2. Other 40% will be used for covering payment handling fees, website administration fees, advertising and further website development budget.
  3. Above income distribution may vary for individual members and individual orders based on internal agreement with website administration. 
  4. Funds are accumulated on members internal account.
  5. Funds are transferred to members internal account as soon as customer completes his payment for the service.
  6. Website uses Paypal as payment service provider and all external member transfers will be done using Paypal system.
  7. Funds can be transferred to members Paypal account on demand if internal account balance is above minimal redeem amount.
  8. Minimal redeem amount is 10 USD.
  9. It is not guaranteed that results published by the member will be purchased as this decision is made by customer based on his satisfaction and decision to pay for the service he received.
  10. Service payments are not refundable however Paypal may force the refund. In this case refund will be covered from both member and website accounts proportionally to income distribution.

5. Member Privacy Protection

  1. Website collects basic member personal information such as name and email addresses.
  2. Members profile will be accessible to website visitors.
  3. Email addresses will be used for login, notifications, Paypal transfers and will not be disclosed to public.
  4. Website does not require member to supply his real name. Member can use his nickname for public profile.
  5. Website will not disclose member private personal information to any 3rd party unless required to do so by law.

6. Customer Privacy Protection

  1. All information and source files provided by a customer are considered as customers private personal information.
  2. Member undertakes all necessary efforts to keep privacy of the any customer data he has access to.
  3. Member responsibility is to ensure customers data privacy while working with the customers order.
  4. Disclosure of any customer data to any 3rd party is strictly prohibited. 
  5. All customer data must be deleted from any external data storage member has used during the service as soon as service is completed. That includes members PC, members cloud storage, members removable storage.

7. Membership Termination

  1. Member can terminate his membership based oh his free will decision.
  2. Membership can be terminated by website administration if member fails to comply to the rules of this agreement.
  3. Membership can be terminated by website administration if member repeatedly fails to deliver service in reasonable time or quality or fails his commitments.
  4. In case of membership termination website keeps the right to retain all members private services, reassign them to another owner or make them public irreversibly.
  5. Member can temporary pause his membership for personal reasons, sickness and holidays.