How To Order


Three Simple Steps...

To make orders on our website you just have to follow three simple steps:

Create Order
Select service you need
Upload your files
Let Us Process
Give us some time to process your order
Review and accept results
Make payment (via Paypal)
Download files

Step 1 - Create Order

Browse gallery of our services and select the service you wish us to do. On the service page press "Create new order" button, upload your files, set additional options and press "Start order" button to begin the order...

Step 2 - Let Us Process

Your order will go to the queue and will be assigned to the artist. Artist may ask you for additional clarifications via comments on the order page. You also can use comments to communicate with the artist responsible for your order and upload additional files. You will get email notifications when there is any activity with your order. 

Step 3 - Download

When your order is ready you will see preview of result images on the order page. You can review uploaded result package and tell us what you would like to change or correct. We will adjust the result images until your satisfaction. When you are fully satisfied you need to press "Purchase" button to make the payment. After payment is complete you will get access to full resolution non-watermarked result images. Press "Close Order" button when your order is complete.

... and Step 4 - Share 

We would very appreciate if you allow us to publish some of the result images on Retouch'd social media. After package is purchased you can press "Share" button to give us such permission. You can select which images will be published. We will add publication and create short movie of making your order to our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Making The Payment

We are using Paypal as our payment service provider. 

More About Us

Do you want to know more about our website? Here is some additional information that will make you understand it better...

This website is the platform where customers can create their orders for miscellaneous image processing services. Services include photo retouching, graphical design and creative photo art. Services can be public and private. 

Orders for public services go to general queue and any member artist can pick up this order. Some of the public services are contest based. This means that you will receive results from different artists and can choose between them. 

Private services are created by member artists. Orders for private services go directly to artist who is owner of the service. These can be different exclusive image transformations and art effects in Creative Photoart section. 

Looking at our services you can see different pricing types in the description. 

Price per image is applied for each result image in the package. Final price of the result package is calculated as the price of one image multiplied with number of images in the package. This price type is used for most of services.

Price per image set is applied for whole result package regardless of number of images inside. Common use for this price type is "Calendars" section where charge is applied to set of 12 images of the whole year rather than each month separately. 

Custom price is negotiated for each order individually. After order is created you will receive price quote for this particular order. If you agree with the offer then order will be processed.