Join Our Community


What is our website?

This website is the platform where customers can create their orders for miscellaneous image processing services. Services include photo retouching, graphical design and creative photo art. When order is created it can be picked up by a community member artist. After order is completed and customer is fully satisfied with the offered result, customer pays for the service and artist gets his share.

Unlike other websites where customers can browse artist profiles and negotiate about individual job request this website allows customers to browse gallery of offered services. Customers can see description, examples and price before ordering which makes ordering process more customer friendly and comfortable.  

Services can be public and private.

Orders for public services go to general queue and any member artist can pick up this order. Public services are created by website administration and are generic, like basic photo retouch or portrait retouch.

Private services are created by member artists. Orders for private services go directly to artist who is owner of the service. These can be different exclusive image transformations and art effects in Creative Photoart section.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people with artistic imagination and partner-like thinking who would wish to develop this website together to make it the greatest photo retouching service on the web. We need partners to fill this website and our social media profiles with the content. We need artists who could create and responsibly maintain different services in Creative Photoart section. We need people with skills in Adobe Photoshop to perform qualitative photo and portrait retouch. We need people with skills in Adobe Illustrator to maintain graphical design section of our website. 

What are we offering?

We are offering partner-like attitude to all community members. We are offering to become a part of this project by creating unique content and services. We are offering following share of the income generated by each member:

  • 60% of income will go to the artist account;
  • 7% payment handling fees;
  • 33% website administration salary, advertising and further development budget;

How to join?

Decided to join us? Familiarize yourself with Membership Agreement carefully and send an email to with short description about yourself. Tell us what skills you have, what would you like to do on our website and what services would you like to create. Send us a link where we can see examples of your work. You will be answered shortly...